Students turn into Hungry Hungry Alligators


The four teams charge towards the center and prepare their baskets to get as many tennis balls as possible.

Valeria Acosta, Review Staff

Throughout the week, leadership kids have been hosting lunchtime games for students to participate in and get points. For State Showdown Thursday, they had Hungry Hungry Alligators in the athletics hallway; partners from each grade participated. Each team had one scooter and one basket — one partner navigated the other one, who was sitting and holding the basket. On the count of three they raced to the middle to capture as many tennis balls as they could. For B lunch, sophomores got 1st place, seniors 2nd, freshman 3rd, and juniors 4th. However for A lunch seniors got 1st, juniors and freshman tying for 2nd, and sophomores in 3rd.


Junior Samantha Fuentes gets the tennis balls ready in the center to start the game.
The junior team prepares to go on the signal. Besides the competition, many students had fun and were friendly.