Let’s not re-elect Donald Trump


Feature Photo by: Ulises Perez – The American Flag and Colorado Flag sit at the top of the flagpole as the day goes by. Colorado is home to many immigrants as the President of the United States believes that they don’t belong in this country.

Ulises Perez, Opinion Reporter

The 2020 presidential election is getting closer and as everyone knows, President Donald Trump is running again. Everyone has their own opinion about him–about how he’s trying to make America great, but is he really?

Many Americans agree with Trump’s point of views and ideas for this country such as bringing jobs back for people, getting them out of debt, and believing in making the United States great again (USA Today). Other Americans and non-Americans strongly disagree with his harsh treatment of humans in the U.S; the main example of this is the deportation of Mexicans.

Being a Mexican living in the United States is hard, especially when the president of your country doesn’t enjoy having you here. It takes a lot for us to be in this country, including parents that immigrated from Mexico.

A poster brought up in a crowd representing Latinos for Trump 2020. (AL DÍA News(

In an article on ABCNews, it said, “The House Judiciary Committee sent three and four articles of impeachment, respectively, to the full chamber for consideration, including articles charging abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and contempt of Congress for defying congressional subpoenas.” 

So far during Trump’s presidency, he has tried to do things his own way and act like he didn’t break a law or do something wrong. Laws that Trump has broken or acted on are pressuring “a foreign country to damage a political rival,” and “refusal of witness to testify or produce papers.”  

Sophomore Jenna Meyer stated, “people would only re-elect him if the other candidates are worse than him.” Having to pressure another country, being impeached and running for office again wouldn’t be the best look on a person.

News on Twitter about an article on Trump terminating DACA for immigrants. Trump isn’t doing any better by taking away the opportunity for immigrants to live in America. (Twitter)

In an article, written by Politico, it stated, “The president has held mostly steady among Latinos despite his harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric and controversial policies such as family separations at the border.” 

This article explains the percentages of Latinos voting for Trump 2020 or voting to remove him from office. Looking back at what Trump had to say about some Latinos, personally, he only tries to get Latinos to his side to try to get rid of how he’s seen, an anti-immigrant. 

“He will continue to make this country horrible to live in,” claimed Sophomore Kevin Navarro. Navarro claims that whether Trump comes up with new ideas for America, those ideas won’t make the U.S. better and bring everyone much closer. 

Donald Trump has tried to “make America great” when, in reality, he should open up his heart and mind to see other points of view that would actually make America “great.” Americans and non-Americans should be encouraged to speak about the problematic concepts planned for the future of the U.S. and its people and decide on someone new to lead for the better. 

I believe that everyone should have the same equal rights and have a say in these decisions. It’s best to have a president that we can trust and believe in, for the best of us people and I don’t see that in Donald Trump.