Rangeview Craft Fair


Feature Photo by Dylan Tressider – Jewelry was a fan favorite at the fair. It was beautifully lit on the Senior side of the large gym. Taking up a good portion of the wall, the jewelry certainly caught the eye of those at the fair. (Dylan Tressider)

Dylan Tressider, Review Staff

On Saturday, November 23rd, the aroma of pumpkin spice and holiday cheer filled the air of Rangeview High School as it hosted its 32nd Annual Holiday Craft and Gift Sale. With pizza being sold in the cafeteria and vendors selling cookies, pastries, and candies, there was certainly enough food to fill a Raider’s belly. People browsed the many booths set up in the main hallway, commons, and both small and large gyms. The fair saw a plethora of different items being sold ranging from glowing wine bottles, special pens, paintings, jewelry, and other crafts or assorted items. There was certainly enough items there for everyone to find something interesting, and these are some photos to show just some of the highlights of the fair: