Bryson Tiller: A Different Christmas Review


(¨A Different Christmas¨ Album Cover)

Shallie Cantero, AME Reporter

American singer and rapper, Bryson Tiller, recently dropped his short Holiday debut extended play on November 19, 2021 titled, A Different Christmas. The EP features guest stars Kiana Lede, Justin Bieber, Poo Bear, Tayla Parx, and Tiller’s 8-year-old daughter, Halo. With only 7 songs on the EP, I will be ranking each one from worst (#7) to best (#1) . 


#7. Bryson Tiller – cold december interlude (Visualizer)

To start us off, we have Cold December. The song’s total running time is about one minute and 20 seconds. However, the song doesn’t truly start until :43 seconds. I ranked this the lowest due to the fact that its really short and short songs are really a hit or miss and unfortunately, this was a miss. 

3.5/10 Santas.


#6. Bryson Tiller – be mine this christmas (Visualizer)

Next, we have Be Mine this Christmas. I placed this song in #6 because it’s pretty downhearted and nobody wants to be sad on Christmas, especially this year. In the chorus, Tiller sings, “Hard to celebrate when you’re not here with me. I’m writing from a distance. So, I guess I’ll be all alone this Christmas. No, Santa didn’t grant my wishes.” This verse alone is low-spirited and that isn’t the energy we want for this Christmas. 

4/10 Santas. 


#5. Bryson Tiller – ain’t a lonely christmas song (Visualizer) ft. Tayla Parx

Coming in at #5, we have Ain’t a Lonely Christmas – ft. Tayla Parx. I really love how Tiller went out of his way to have underrated/unknown artists as his features. As many may not know, Tayla Parx is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Her big break started when she helped co-write Love Lies by Khalid ft. Normani and Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande. Parx’s voice mixed with Tillers was amazing along with the lyrics and beat, it all complimented each other really well. 

7.5/10 Santas.


#4. Bryson Tiller – presents (Visualizer) ft. Kiana Ledé

At #4 we have, Presents – ft. Kiana Lede. The chorus is very catchy and the beat is easy to dance to. I really enjoyed how he mixed both ‘presents’ and ‘presence’ together. Tiller said,”I got presents on the sleigh with me, with me. You know what to say to me, to me. Need your presence every day with me, with me. I need you to wait for me, for me, for me.” There was a lot of good wordplay within this song.

7.5/10 Santas


#3. Bryson Tiller – i’ll be home for christmas (Visualizer)

In third we have, I’ll be Home for Christmas. Here is another short song with a running time of one minute and 38 seconds. However, this short song was definitely a hit. It starts quickly, it certainly brings a Christmas feel, and the vocals that Tiller brought were absolutely outstanding. 

8/10 Santas.


#2. Bryson Tiller – lonely christmas (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Poo Bear

Cutting close behind #1 we have, Lonely Christmas – ft. Justin Bieber & Poo Bear. Personally, I loved this song on the album. Not only was the Official Video pretty entertaining, but Justin Bieber was also featured. Despite all the Bieber slander, I strongly believe that Justin Bieber is great with Holiday songs. Along with Bieber, there is also Poo Bear, another underrated artist. All three of their voices mixed so well together. Even though the lyrics make the song sad, the beat takes away the sadness and balances everything out. 

9.5/10 Santas.


#1. Bryson Tiller – winter wonderland (Visualizer) ft. Halo

Finally at #1 we have Tiller’s remake of the infamous Christmas song Winter Wonderland – ft. his 8-year-old daughter Harley Tiller aka Halo. Tiller’s voice fulfilled the song so well and for him to have recorded this song with his daughter makes it 10x better. Also for an 8-year-old, Halo did amazing, and hearing her little voice was so cute. I really love how he brought out a classic and made it more modern. Lastly, the commentary/ dialogue throughout the song where Tiller is talking to his daughter was adorable.

10/10 Santas.


All around, the EP was nicely put together and it really brought out some Christmas Cheer. I really enjoyed how diverse it was, especially for it being a Christmas EP and I loved the features he had. It was short and cute, something you can’t really go wrong with and I rate the whole EP an overall 8.5/10 Santas. 


Merry Christmas!