2000’s Fashion

2000s Fashion

Hunter Pearce , Opinion Writer

Fashion is always changing; trends surface at light speed and sink just as fast. Things like baggy beanies are a prime example of this. These fashion trends can be unpredictable and sudden, but one thing’s for sure–and that’s 2000’s fashion’s great return to popular modeling magazines around the world

One example of this is men’s accessories with chains. Mid 2000’s saw a rapid decline in chains specifically because some saw it as lame or tacky on a man. Some common questions were “Why is this guy wearing jewelry?”. However, many people are bringing back chains. The majority of guys interviewed stated that they intend to either buy a chain or already own one.

2002 saw the creation of Crocs. These “boat shoes” were intended for water work and were easy for traveling short distances. Shortly after release, they were frowned upon because they looked like “old people’s shoes.”

So why have these shoes gone from being frowned upon to being in famous outlets like Vogue? The answer is simple and it’s TikTok. First people used TikTok as a site to express themselves, but now it’s creating nationwide fashion trends. This isn’t the first time we have seen a trend like this and definitely won’t be the last, but why is it significant?

Why do people choose to buy Crocs over the usual sandals or sneakers? Comfort is the reason. People want to get something comfortable and affordable to go about in their everyday lives. Something you can slip on and off, but keep the same level of comfort and usability as slippers.

In 2020 the most popular clothes were brand names like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, Prada, etc. The era of name brands came to a screeching stop and was beaten by none other than Spongebob Square Pants.

These shirts weren’t that different than other brands except the price tag was usually missing at least one 0. Affordability is what matters for most people, and name brands aren’t meeting these requirements. One shirt for the price of three doesn’t work for most, so cheap cartoon T’s work as a replacement. Don’t get me wrong the graphic t’s are by no means worse than Gucci but that’s just not what people want anymore.

Crocs and cartoon shirts aren’t the only resurfacing trend. Pajama pants were always seen as sleepwear or lazy wear by most, but that has changed. Pajamas in everyday life have found their way into fashion articles around the world–all for the sole purpose of comfort.

Most humans desire comfort with their attire, so people have started wearing more and more relaxed wear. The Crocs, pajama, and cartoon/graphic tee combo has taken over because it’s more practical for the average person.

2000s fashion is back for the time being. We will see how long it lasts but according to most Rangeview Raiders, they don’t plan on changing their attire under any circumstances, anytime soon.