The Amazing Snyder-Man


Scott Snyder teaching his third period geography class(Dennae Pigford)

Dennae Pigford, A&F Editor

Scott Daniel Snyder, introvert and Southern Methodist University graduate, is a Social Studies teacher at who continues to have a positive impact on the Rangeview community; Snyder teaches Geography and AP Human Geography to ninth grade classes only.

Scott Snyder was born in Pasadena, California but his family eventually settled in Littleton, Colorado when he was young. As a child he moved around a lot, once living in Texas and Chicago. He graduated from Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado in the year 2007, but being young, he set off for Texas in search of a university.

Originally going to study business, Snyder soon switched his classes to major in history at SMU. In changing his major, his career choices were really narrowed down. He confesses that he recalls how much he adored his high school history teachers and decided that that was his career path.

Being 26 and adventurous, Mr. Snyder’s favorite hobby is to travel which inspires and supports his lifelong aspiration of being happy. His favorite places to visit are Holland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. In ten years, Scott Snyder sees himself, hopefully, with a family.

Snyder engages with his students. (Dennae Pigford)
Snyder engages with his students. (Dennae Pigford)

“I just want to be happy really, have a family maybe. I most definitely will still be teaching,” comments Snyder, “I don’t really think that far ahead.”

He confessed that he thinks he has a strong connection with his students, or at least he tries to.

“I’ve had students tell me that I am easy to relate to. I’m a goofy guy so it helps, play to your strengths you know,” expressed the young teacher.

Students have continually expressed nothing but positive opinions about Snyder.

“I really like him as a teacher and I feel like he made many of the lessons that we did very fun. I feel that it is very easy to connect with to him,” said Sophomore Savanah Kovacs. “He is very nice and is a very easy going teacher who is fun. I definitely think that he fits the mold of a Rangeview Raider.”

Fellow staff members also share similarly positive feelings towards Snyder.

“He’s young but has the heart to do the job. He’s just a good person,” said another social studies teacher, Mrs. Walsh.

Along with being a Rangeview Raider, Snyder also sponsors the school’s Anime Club and is a part of the Legacy History committee.

“To me it’s not just a part of the high school. It’s being a part of the community. It’s something bigger than yourself,” said Snyder.

Around Rangeview, Snyder has gained quite the reputation of being a Spider-Man, or Andrew Garfield, look-alike. Naturally, Snyder often embraces this comparison.

“Basically when that actor (Andrew Garfield) was in the movie The Social Network, all my friends said I looked like him, and then Spider-Man came out after that so ever since then it’s been a thing,” added Snyder.
Scott Snyder, geography teacher, and Spider Man doppelganger, continues to make a positive impact on the Rangeview community as he goes into his third year of teaching with the 2015-16 school year.