Save the Date: Colorado 2k17 Summer Events


Jessica Rangel, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Jessica Rangel –  Pictured here is the center of downtown Denver. A lot of Summer events are taking place in Denver this year.

As the school year comes to an end and summer creeps around the corner, there is finally time to explore what Colorado has to offer instead of sitting on a couch all break. Here are the Top 10 festivities to attend this summer in Colorado.


July 8th-July 9th

Cost: Accepting Donations

The Hot Air Balloon Rodeo and Art in the Park event offers artistry and color both on canvases and in the air making this weekend a staple in a Colorado summer.



June 14th, July 17th, August 29th

Cost: Free Admission

Denver’s Botanic Gardens is a public botanical garden that allows picnics next to thousands of plants and flowers and even guided tours of the gardens themselves.



July 28th

Cost: $25.50-$130

One of Colorado’s biggest music festivals thrown by the 107.5 radio station is featuring artists like Post Malone, Migos, Amine and many more!

Junior Kensi Vue states, “I have to get tickets for Summer Jam this year no matter what. It is one of the best line ups they’ve had in awhile.”



June 6th-September 11th

Cost: $15

Red Rocks Amphitheatre has been very well known to hold massive concerts, but for this event a variety of movies are picked throughout summer nights that are shown on the white screen like a drive-in theatre.



June 3rd-June 4th

Cost: Free Admission

Over 200 artists from all over Colorado gather downtown to cover the sidewalks of Denver in their masterpieces, transforming Larimer Square’s streets into a museum of chalk art.



Saturdays, May 6–Oct. 28, 2017

Cost; Free Admission

At this award-winning farmer’s market high quality Colorado produce and food vendors can be found. Despite it’s popularity, this isn’t the only farmer’s market in Colorado to keep an eye out for.



First Friday of every month

Cost: Free Admission

On Santa Fe’s Art District art galleries are opened up to the public to show off Denver’s creative side and provide a new perspective each month on Colorado’s art.

“My favorite thing to do is go to the art galleries on First Friday,” says eleventh grader Manuel Cerna. ”It really captivates the city’s culture”.



Arapahoe County Fair: July 27th- 30th              Parker Days:June 9th- 11th

Cost: $10                                                               Cost: Free Admission, $30 for Carnival Rides                                                     

Some of Colorado’s most popular fairs are the Arapahoe County Fair and Parker Days which offer endless food, rides, games and entertainment that bring the surrounding communities together.



July 29th- July 30th

Cost: Free Admission

The Dragon Boat Festival invites families and friends of all ages to join them for cultural eats, performers, shopping, and to cheer on favorite dragon boat racers!



July 3

Cost: Free Admission

The Capitol extends an invitation to all to enjoy fireworks the day before 4th of July at Civic Center Park filled with food trucks and musical entertainment.  

“I go every year to the fireworks show at the Capitol with family and it definitely has gotten better each year we go,” claims junior Danyion Reagan.