James Manu is walking in


Sami Peotter, Review Contributor

Feature Photo By: Sami Peotter – Coach James watching to see how his girls would come back from a tough inning against Brighton High School on Tuesday September 11, 2018. The girls lost this game with a final score of 20-4. 

James Manu has came into Rangeview this school year and many say have cleaned up what has been left from the previous coaches.

The past three seasons for varsity have gone; 9-8 (2015 season), 5-13 (2016 season) and 7-12 (2017 season) with Paul Reil as head coach. This year, Coach James is coming into a organization that has not seen Regionals since 2011.

James grew up playing many sports.

I was an Air Force Brat (as they call it) so I grew up in a lot of places, “ Coach James states. “ I lived in Florida, California, Hawaii, Missouri, Idaho, Italy, etc. playing football and baseball.”

Coach James began coaching softball when his middle daughter wanted to learn how to play. He began to work with her and teach her the basics. Her first team being Spartans who needed a coach, so James stepped up and coached the team. His coaching career started 7 years ago.  

Senior Utility Player Jordan Clanton slides into home to help the raiders score one more run against Brighton High School. The raiders lost this game with a final score 20-4. (Sami Peotter) 

“There are a lot of gifted, young athletes on this team; it’s very exciting. Putting it all together to find the right combination for success is the challenge,” Coach James states. “I want the girls to realize their potential and discover how rewarding the game can be if they allow it to be.”

Some of the girls have say they have high expectations with James as the new head coach. 

“With James already being my competitive softball coach I already know what to expect,” junior shortstop and catcher Katiana Williams states. “I would like to make it to regionals before I graduate.” 

James says he is hoping for the softball program to grow and become successful.

“My main goal for this program is to lay the foundation for a fundamentally sound, character building process that will help the girls mentally manage the game, grow their skills and have success on the field, “ Coach James states. “ There are many ways to measure success, and it’s not only with “W’s”. Softball can be a very demoralizing sport if not managed right, my process will help the girls do that and the “results” will come.”

With the season already started and it starting out 3-9-1 for varsity. Beating Northfield High School 20-7 (8/20/18), Overland High School 16-12 (9/10/18), Abraham Lincoln High School 18-0 (9/15/18), and Aurora Central High School 32-3 and a forfeit win (9/18/18).

Sophomore varsity pitcher and outfielder Cassie Pearson finishes her pitch against Overland High School during the 8th inning. This is Pearson’s second year on varsity. (Sami Peotter)

Losing to Vista Peak Prep 22-3 (8/11/18), Kennedy High School 12-11 (8/27/18), Far Northeast Warriors 15-5 (8/30/18), Adams City twice (15-5 on 9/6/18 and 14-4 on 9/7/18), Lyons High School 12-3 (9/7/18), Thornton High School 20-3 (9/8/18), Brighton High School 20-4 (9/11/18), Thornton High School in the 8th inning 15-13 (9/13/18), and Vista Peak 15-10 (9/25/18) . Along with a tie against Skyline High School 22-22 (9/8/18).

“With the season just starting and already being 5-10-1 is not that bad of a start,” state’s head JV coach Lynn Martinez . “There are more games to come for varsity to see how well this program is doing with Coach James.”  

With 5 games left of the season there is a lot a room for success and improvement for the program and players.


The Raiders have a home game today September 26th at 4:00pm against Northglenn High School.