2019 Retiring Teacher: Mr. Strouse


Katiana Williams, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Katiana Williams – Mr. Stouse sits in his office and checks his email during 6th period.

After 33 years here at Rangeview, with 14 of those as an athletic director, Mr. Strouse is retiring. Many say that when you think about Rangeview athletics, you think of Mr. Strouse. Not only was he the athletic director, but he was the head coach of boys soccer for 32 years and the head coach of girls soccer for 26.  

“My first impression of him was, ‘Wow this guy is like Mr. Rangeview; he really loves this place,’” said Mr. Sobolewski, who has coached at Rangeview for the last 14 years.

Mr. Sobolowski met Mr. Strouse in 2005 when he first started working here.

But Mr. Sobolowski is definitely not the only person that thinks highly of him.

“Not only is he a great person, but he is a great coach as well,” said junior Rashid Seidu-Aroza, a standout on the boys’ soccer team.

Strouse definitely has had many memories and when asking him what one of his favorite memories was, he couldn’t choose one.

“I’ve had tons of memories here,” Strouse said. “Rangeview High School has been a place where I met my wife, and a place that I got to see my kids graduate high school from.”  

Strouse’s daughter, Donovan, will graduate from Rangeview in May.

Many people definitely say that it’s going to be way different without him roaming the halls and sidelines of RHS; between not seeing him in the commons during lunch, in the gym at all school events or even at his office when you pass by, something will be missing from RHS, they say.

Josiah Allen double checks his paperwork to play at CSU Pueblo before turning it into Victor Strouse. (Cade Palmer)

Many also wonder how one person can make such a big impact on a school.

“He is incredibly fair,” said Mr. Sobolewski. “He is not afraid to have a dissenting opinion and stand up for what is right, and he’s never been concerned about what other people think because he’s more concerned about doing the right and honorable thing. I’ve never met a person at Rangeview High School that is more honorable than Vic Strouse.”

Mr. Stouse has all together worked a total of 40 years in education. He had worked at Summit County for five years and Otis High School for two years before coming to Rangeview for his next 33 years.

“I’m definitely going to miss the kids and my fellow employees more than anything else,” Strouse said.

Strouse has made several strides and has had many accomplishments throughout his time at Rangeview, including winning 5A Athletic Administrator of the year in 2015. He also helped start one of the most respected Unified Sports programs in the state. He coached the girls soccer team to a state title in 1992.

“I’ve seen what other athletic directors do, and they don’t put in the time like Mr. Stouse does,” said Mr. Sobolewski. “I think you judge an athletic director based off of two things: one is the success of their programs — and we’ve had some pretty good success — and the second thing is just the kids and the opportunities that they’ve gotten and getting them involved. Hopefully we don’t lose that without him.”  

However, Strouse will still be around as he plans on continuing to be the boys soccer teams head coach.

“I’m glad that he is going to be around still; he really pushes me to get the best out of myself and to be a better player,” said Seidu-Aroza.

While many say he will be missed, they also would like to thank Mr. Strouse for his hardwork and dedication to this school, as long as wishing him the best of luck for everything that is to come his way in the future.