Aftermath of Capital Riots Continues


Diego Cisneros, Staff Reporter

At this point most of the world already knows about the Capitol riot on January 6th, so there’s no need to explain everything in detail, but the aftermath has delivered endless stories and consequences. 

After the riot at the Capitol cooled down, the aftermath still remained shocking. Four people died, 52 people were arrested, there were 70 more unrest-related arrests, 14 officers were injured, nine firearms were recovered, two pipe bombs were found, a cooler containing another firearm and molotov was discovered, and the FBI is looking for over 40 other people that breached into the Capitol.

Most heard the news about a woman who was shot in the chest by police and later died, but there were four more deaths after that. A 50 year old Pennsylvania man, a 34 year old Georgia woman, a police officer committed suicide, and a 55 year old Alabama man all passed away due to the riots.

Washington D.C. chief of police, Robert J. Contee III, stated, “One adult female and two adult males appear to have suffered from separate medical emergencies, which resulted in their deaths.”

There were 122 arrests total. 47 of those arrests were due to curfew violations, but out of the 80 other arrests, 10 of them were for charges ranging from hate crimes to assault. The 70 others were unrest-related arrests.

During the riot, 14 officers were injured, including two that were hospitalized. According to police, one of the hospitalized officers was pulled into a separate crowd and assaulted, sustaining serious injuries.

After the riot, there were six firearms discovered scattered in plain sight. The following night, three more were found. A cooler with a cocktail molotov and yet another firearm were found as well. Two planted pipe bombs were discovered and police are giving a $50,000 reward to anyone who knows any information about who planted the bombs.

Finally, there are over 40 people that the FBI are looking for. Subsequently, there have been roughly 17,000 tips and police got good photos of all the individuals that barged into the Capitol.