The World’s Saxiest Man


Langston Kelly, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Langston Kelly – Senior Elijah Baughman sits in his calculus class working on an assignment. He plans on using his math skills to become an accountant and feels that band has helped achieve that goal. “With accounting, you do work with other people but it’s sort of a solo gig so band teaches you that sense of responsibility,” Baughman stated.

Rangeview senior Elijah Baughman is an avid participant in the band program. For seven years, he has invested his time and money into perfecting his craft. Baughman is now the lead chair for his instrument section, the alto saxophones.


Eli’s love for playing instruments was born not from a desire to be a musician, but rather from a desire to avoid gym classes in middle school. He started out playing the alto saxophone and has only expanded the number of instruments he can play.


“I can play all the percussion instruments and then I switched over to the soprano and tenor saxophone,” explained Baughman.


In his free time, Baughman can be seen planning for one his hobbies within the band program — a show he calls band banter. This show is one of his passions as many of his fellow musician’s state.


Band banter is a comedy that parodies pop culture and pokes fun at band students. It all started with a skit called “Brassman v Sopranoman: Dawn of Saxust”, a spoof of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


“I created the show for a few reasons. It was fun and it brightened everyone’s day with the humor,” Baughman explained. “Also because a good friend of mine never socialized with others so I used it as a way to get him out and make some new friends.”

Baughman pieces together his instrument in the band practice room. During his off periods, he likes to practice his music for upcoming concerts and works on his band banter videos. (Langston Kelly)

When prompted about a few characteristics of Baughman, a number of his fellow band students have stated that he is highly driven and helps a number of students in class. Senior Katie Mayotte, a friend of Eli’s since the 3rd grade, stated that he is very friendly to new students.

“He’s very inclusive, especially the freshmen. He tries to get everybody to feel comfortable and make them feel like a part of the family,” stated Mayotte.


His impact on the band program has not gone unnoticed by his band teacher Trey Tafoya, who also thinks very highly of Baughman.


“He is one of the few students that I have met in my career that takes charge of things and makes his own plans,” said Tafoya. “He is a leader who leads by example and shows everybody how the band program should be run.”


Baughman once had dreams of becoming a movie director, a dream that he carries out through his Band Banter show. He now plans on becoming an accountant, focusing on his education while keeping the saxophone as a hobby.


After high school, Baughman plans on receiving his associates at the Community College of Aurora through the ASCENT program and then transferring to a university for his bachelors. – Marching Magic Intro