Girls basketball team defends its title


Amor-Leigh Wilson

Feature Photo By: Amor-Leigh Wilson – Freshman Briana Linnear defends the ball during the game against Hinkley High School. Hinkley  was the ladies’ first conference game of the season, which they won with a 20 point lead.

“Roll it! Shake it! Victory, let’s take it!” roared from the sidelines as the lady Raiders won their first conference game of the basketball season against Hinkley High School on Friday January 12.  

Winning against Hinkley secures the ladies’ 17 game win streak against the school since their loss in 2007. This one win against Hinkley does not guarantee the ladies a win for every conference competitor they play, but many say it can be seen as the start of a great league season.

“This win was somewhat expected, but as the season continues I will be able to talk more about it,” said Head Coach LaMonte Weddle, “because this is only one game out of ten. I can’t really say how the rest of the season will play out.”

The ladies have had some big wins but they have also experienced some losses. For most of the ladies, their game against non-conference competitor Fruita High School was the worst loss of the season. The loss against Fruita dropped the ladies record 1-4.

Senior Tyauna Coe throws the ball in bounds to her fellow teammates, while dodging the opposing team Hinkley High School. The ladies have a game later tonight against a non-conference competitor Cherokee Trail High School at 7pm. (Amor-Leigh Wilson)

Junior captain Angel Bradus explains, “Fruita was our worst lost because we didn’t communicate and we shut down. I think we should have focused on communicating and boxing out more.”

Bradus then adds, “I think those are the two things we need to work on if we want to win.”

Improvement has been a theme that most of the ladies want to keep strong for the rest of this season. One player who some say represents this theme the most is junior Taelor Jackson.

Assistant Coach Niki Weddle says, “Taelor Jackson has truly stepped up her game. I think not just talent wise, but she has also stepped up as a team player. Taelor has been improving a lot this season…”

Jackson started the season scoring an average of 4 points per game, which now has risen to 7 points per game. She also leads her team when it comes to defensive rebounds.

According to sophomore T’airra Champliss, Jackson’s increase in stats is because “Taelor is driving to the basket more and is becoming a more aggressive player.”

With last year’s lady Raiders basketball team being number one in it’s league (ultimately becoming the EMAC champions), many agree there is some pressure put on the ladies to take home the win this year.

Coach LaMonte Weddle claims “… There is an expectation that we come out being number one this year.”

In the past, Rangeview has dominated Westminster — only losing two of the six games they played against them. Just last year, the ladies were able to win by a 16 point lead.

This year, the ladies were able to follow in last year’s footsteps with a win against Westminster High School and a lead gap of 20 points (the game ended with a score of 70-50).

Some say the team this year has brought new and young talents to varsity.

Champliss adds that she sees the team’s youth as an advantage, explaining “[This season] has brought young talent and as well as new talent.”

Coach Niki Weddle doesn’t see the age of the ladies but their love for basketball.

Niki Weddle has been coaching with Rangeview aside her brother for the last three years. “I honestly have not enjoyed coaching in the past couple years, but these ladies’ love for the sport has made my job a lot easier as a coach.”

The ladies will take on Cherokee Trail High School a non-conference competitor tonight at 7:00pm in the Rangeview gym.

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