One less bell to answer


Drake Bell signing autographs. (photo courtesy of Classicalite)

Jackie Moreno, News Reporter

Homecoming 2014 had an outstanding outcome. In addition to the fun of dressing up for spirit week, there was also a first for Rangeview High School.

RHS was one of 25 schools chosen for an outdoor concert event called High School Nation. The concert brought forth a lot of up and coming talented singers and was even to feature Drake Bell, star of Nickelodeon’s “Drake and Josh,” for a performance. However, according to the sponsors of High School Nation, Bell was absent from the event, unable to attend after his flight was canceled due to weather conditions (Bell is the only artist to not have traveled by bus), leaving a lot of fans disappointed.

“I was just mad…”, said Senior Josephine Koch, “I was waiting for him and he never showed up. He’s the only reason I even went.”

This is not uncommon, as Bell often missed school performances, afterwards making them up for private concerts. Unfortunately, it looks like Bell has made this mistake one too many times and was reprimanded.

“Drake Bell was fired from High School Nation for not showing up to many events. Ours was just the first of many,” says Performing Arts Teacher Mrs. Strouse. “They have offered to send us a another artist in his place.”

Before Bell had been rumored to be making a lunchtime appearance sometime soon after homecoming to make for his absence, yet this proved to be untrue. Although it is not clear as to when the supposed concert will be, students are hopeful that there will be another performance.