Class of 2019 Top 10: (#7) Makenzie Bell


Peter Vo, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Monty Nuss – Makenzie Bell poses for a senior picture. 

Makenzie Bell has left a mark on Rangeview that many will not forget.

Bell has been an avid member of the Rangeview community being involved in National Honor Society (NHS), Advanced Performing Arts (APA), volleyball and tennis.

Finishing off as 7th in the class, tied with senior Lauren Graff, Bell boasted an impressive 4.7 G.P.A. over the past few years of her high school career.

Bell has taken more rigorous coursework during her time here, ending this year with AP calculus, AP literature & composition, and APA. Although she is proud of the work she has done and the classes she has learned from, she also believes in the value of taking classes that are influential to her life.

“I don’t think class rank is as important as taking classes that will support personal success and growth,” Bell commented.

However, as important her academic accomplishments are within Rangeview’s walls, Bell has many passions outside of Rangeview as well.

Bell has been dancing for her entire life, spending a lot of her school nights and weekends at the Miller’s Dance Studio. She’s most recently rehearsing for her lead debut as Mary Poppins in her next dance recital.

“Dance is a great outlet for stress and shows how working hard for something leads to growth and happiness within my life,” Bell says.

Makenzie Bell laughs off with her friends Lisitte Mora, Donovan Strouse, and Kandace Wilkins. (Peter V0)

Bell is also a varsity athlete at Rangeview. She played volleyball in the fall and now plays tennis in the spring.

Her tennis manager, senior Kenny Luong, expresses, “Makenzie is a really caring person, she takes care of people and is an exceptional hard-worker, I look up to her all the time.”

Being a leader on the tennis court and in the classroom, Bell has paved a way into the hearts of many Rangeview students, making an impact wherever she goes.

“I’ve known Makenzie for my entire life . . . she’s grown a lot over the past decades, it’s been a pleasure to grow up with her,” Lisette Mora says.

Bell is growing every day and will continue her education at the University of Denver this fall.

Bell leaves off, “I feel like I have grown so much as a student, athlete, and person.”