Gallant Galindo Graces RHS


Bridget Galindo and Jasmine Sanchez pose for a picture (Briana Garcia)

Jackie Moreno, Reporter

In most cases, high school is a place where students are able to develop ties with familiar faces; friends turn into close family members, while teachers become mentors for the young adults. Students have grown to appreciate Rangeview for its supporting and well-intentioned staff that adds excitement to the classroom. In addition to the fun they bring inside the classroom, they bring wise words and lessons that enter students’ minds and teach them about life and what it’s all about. One of those teachers is Spanish teacher Senora Galindo, who was recently promoted as the school’s Parent and Community Liaison for Spanish speakers.

Señora Galindo was born in Denver, Colorado, where she has lived her whole life. In 8th grade Galindo took an interest in the Italian language and originally wanted to study Italian. Her middle school didn’t offer the choice of Italian, so she decided to opt for Spanish, another beautifully crafted language. She immediately fell in love with the language and took such a liking to it that she chose to study it throughout her entire high school journey. Galindo soon realized that in order to gain a full knowledge of the language you’re speaking, a person must be in an environment in which they speak it. Galindo then chose to study abroad in South America, choosing Ecuador due to its low traveling prices during the summer for two months, learning their culture and language. It was also here that Galindo fell in love with the boy across the street; she brought him back to America with her, and in a love story kind of way, married him. They are still together to this day with two little boys of their own.

Bridget Galindo and Jasmine Sanchez pose for a picture (Briana Garcia)
Bridget Galindo and Jasmine Sanchez pose for a picture (Briana Garcia)

Galindo decided to study language during her college journey. Galindo also traveled to France, another beautiful country, during her junior year of college. After college, Galindo got a grant to be able to study abroad in Ecuador, where she returned for more trips. Galindo soon realized that the job of being a translator was agonizing, so she decided to become a teacher. Her decision to start teaching at Rangeview High School came from the suggestion of Spanish teacher Senora Despain (as she was previously teaching at Hinkley High School) and has enjoyed teaching at Rangeview ever since.

Students of Galindo’s classes are able to gain more knowledge and have fun while learning. Galindo always gives students tips on how to remember words, in addition to having tons of posters available for support. In addition to teaching Spanish, Galindo was also a teacher for French 1.

One of the main things that Senora Galindo is admired for is her devotion to teach her students’ as much as she can, which is what keeps her teaching.

“She’s the best teacher ever,” says sophomore Sarah Manazares, “She makes you want to do better in school.”

However, Galindo says that she didn’t enjoy teaching the Spanish language all the time, and grew weary of it.

“For the first 5 years I did not enjoy teaching the language—I hated it,” says Galindo. “Then I realized that it was about the students, so I began focusing on them, both as a student and as a individual.”

Galindo then had an epiphany: it was not about the language, but focusing on a bigger picture, the students, so she began focusing on them.

It has been well known that Galindo has multiple sclerosis. For those who don’t know, MS is a disease that affects the central nervous system, causing damage to the brain and spinal cords and includes symptoms such as weakness, numbness and fatigue. She was diagnosed with it back when she was a freshman in college and has been affected her more and more ever since. According to Galindo, it has been a big challenge, losing strength and growing tired easily. Yet Galindo is determined to not let the disease control her or her life. This true determination and her corageous spirit are admired by astudents.

Galindo’s cheerful persona and devotion to teaching her students have made her a favorite and well known teacher among students, catching the attention of staff members as well. One of the admirable qualities about her is her ability to bring excitement to the classroom that keeps students interested in what they’re learning.

“Señora Galindo is a life-long learner that incorporates her personal experiences into her lessons,” said Social Studies and Spanish teacher Mr. Siebenthal. “I think she has an innate ability to entertain her students and not deviant from the content.”

Her ability to display her knowledge while maintaining such a caring confidence is what makes her not only a great teacher but a great person as well.