The Force takes over


Savannah Lyman, Reporter


Photo credit: Dennae Pigford, featuring the Star Wars dedication window by the student library

Attention everyone! Disney finally released the movie we have all been waiting for. On December 18th 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, joined the big screen.

After the collapse of the Galactic Empire, a new challenge is revealed to the galaxy and the evil Kylo Ren becomes a new threat. After the defector Finn lands on the desert planet where he meets Rey. These two go on an adventure where they come across a droid, in which contains a secret map. These two then join forces with Han Solo to figure out where the last Jedi Knight is, also known as Luke Skywalker.  

“I feel it showed a good amount of things from the old films, there are some interesting connections of new characters to old ones,” state’s sophomore, Ingrid Reyes. “It could promise interesting twists in relationships and roles, favorite old characters, and the funny, adorable BB-8.”

This action packed film promises those Star Wars fanatics a movie full of crazy stunts, amazing special effects, and plenty of intense moments. According to sophomore, Ingrid Reyes, Disney remains close to the Star Wars roots.

“I thought Rey was an extraordinary lead actress.” says art teacher Ms. Manciu. “I also like how they tied in characters from episodes four, five, and six.”

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been the latest craze since the rumors began floating around. The new motion picture is set to beat 2009’s Avatar in becoming America’s number one film. On January 3, 2014, Disney bought Lucasfilms for $4 billion making Star Wars officially theirs.

The original film came out in 1977 setting everyone’s hearts on fire. Ever since then, Star Wars has been a very loved and a huge franchise in America. Now Star Wars: The Force Awakens is following the same path breaking box office records from left to right.
When considering the major boom that the new Star Wars movie created, sophomore Cindy Phan says, “Star Wars, Yoda one for me.”