Fooseball table to be replaced


Senior section without Foosball table (Jewelanne Stewart)

Vanessa Guereca, Reporter

There is a hole in the senior section; the foosball table is gone.

“I was surprised that the table actually lasted so long,” says senior Erick Roon.

The table seemed to have holes in it made by students and was kicked to its end. According to Roon, the incident happened in the afternoon but it is unclear during what period.

Mr. Fay could not be reached, but prices of new foosball tables online range from $300 to $600 dollars.

“I personally think it was a waste of good money,” says senior Mikeala Cook. “I don’t think it would be a good idea to replace it, students would most likely destroy the replacement and it would be another waste of money.”

Senior Kane Vigil says, “I don’t think there should be another foosball table; we want an air hockey table and a snack bar.”

 Repoter Quaid Vincent contributed to this report.