Welcome aboard, red ID’s


Irl Paulalengan, Review Staff



Many say that becoming a freshman in high school is a milestone in a person’s life. It’s the first year as high school student, where students are forced to learn how to act like an adult by taking responsibility, and abandoning their bad behaviors from middle school.


“When I was a freshmen, I kinda didn’t know who I was,” said junior Ariana Jones. “It was definitely a transformation period. when you think you know who you are in middle school, but then you start thinking about high school and you know that you are gonna change.” Jones continued.


Here are some tips to make the first year of high school one for the record books.


  1. Make as many friends as you can.

“For anybody who likes to meet people, [being a freshman] is just like a game!” said Jones. Making friends and connections with a lot of people can really help in future life.


  1. Try different things.

Freshmen year is when many people start exploring passions. Rangeview offers a lot of different activities and clubs to try. There’s also some communities around Rangeview that could bring opportunities to make high school life more fun.


  1. Make connections  with teacher and staff.

Making connections can always bring more opportunities. Making connections with teachers and staffs can help in high school life. The more they know about a student, the more they can help them.


“I really enjoy making relationships and connections with freshmen while helping them for transition into high school,” said Ms. Pedersen, chemistry teacher.


  1. Have fun, but grades are important.

Just because it’s the first year doesn’t mean the grades that earned aren’t important. Managing time wisely between academic and non-academic activity is really important.  


Art teacher, Mr. Riggins, was asked about what things he regrets the most in his freshmen year, and he answered, “I made a lot of poor choices,I didn’t put a lot of effort in my education. I did eventually, but the time was late, and I was struggling in my junior year.”


  1. Don’t do anything stupid.

Entering high school also means entering the teenage stage in life. Sometimes, it brings a lot of crazy ideas while teenagers try to find who they really are. But at school, students are required to follow the school’s protocol every time. It helps shape the student’s attitude, which is important for themselves.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

For many freshmen, there might be a lot of things that they don’t know about their surroundings. It’s always okay to ask about things, rather than trying to find out alone and get mislead by it. Finding out about clubs and activities might be one of the situations that you may need to ask for. The counseling office, teachers, and staff are always available for questions.

Haider Studer (9) and Logan Slott (9) is finding out about action camera in the new assignment from Mr. Riggins at video class. (Irl Paulalengan) 
  1. Be respectful

Respect is something that comes with experience. However, it is expected that you use manners and think before you say or do.


  1. Enjoy High School Life!

Being in high school is the experience that many dream of. Don’t become stressed out because all of the projects, assignments, tests, etc. High school is so much more than that. Manage time, balance activities, and enjoy the amazing high school year!


Here’s the link to Rangeview website and Rangeview’s sports website to find out more about opportunities or what’s going on at school.