Enlightening the game


Peter Vo, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Peter Vo – The stadium lights stand tall on the left of Rangeview’s turf field as students are outside during a class period. The lights are a new addition to the Rangeview turf, allowing later practices for athletes.

Sports have always been one of the biggest aspects of Rangeview High School, according to the student body. A new addition has gotten players all around school talking.

Stadium lights have recently been introduced to the Rangeview athletic program. With this new addition, there are more opportunities towards student athletes and coaches alike according to the surrounding community members.

“We can lengthen our practices; we can now have practice sessions at 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 so our practice teams wouldn’t have to go anywhere else,” Vic Strouse, Athletic Director, commented.

The new lights were introduced over the summer when the new Mrachek middle school building was being built. Construction was taking over fields for band practice, girls lacrosse, boys baseball, and freshmen football, according to Strouse.

A picture of a stadium light can be seen above, while the ongoing construction of Mrachek takes place in the background. (Peter Vo)

“We needed a strategy to take advantage of what we had, and that was our turf field,” Strouse said, elaborating on the strategy the athletic department went through with.

Many students have noticed these lights and capitalized on what it has done for them.

“It’s a good addition to the Rangeview soccer program, opens up more opportunities for playing and will bring a new atmosphere to games not only for the players but also the spectators,” junior Hunter Irwin, soccer central midfielder, mentions.

As the fall sports season is underway, not only are the players benefited by the lights, but the audience and fans also have commented on the benefits of the lights.

“The lights definitely are gonna bring more hype to the games, making the atmosphere more lively. This will bring the community spirit together and hopefully result in getting more dubs,” junior Kahlil Zuniga Brown states.

The lights are promising to many students and looks to benefit the Rangeview Athletic Program all around, according to Strouse.

“There’s nothing but positive benefits from the lights, and that’s good,” Strouse concluded.