Opinion: A day at Boulder


Bao Nguyen, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Bao Nguyen – Junior Carlos Benavides poses for a picture outside on the staircase of Farrand Field. Many students went on a tour of CU Boulder with College Track. 

Many high school students often see college as a way to expand their horizons into the adult world. On September 19th, I was given the opportunity to visit the University of Colorado Boulder thanks to Julieta Luevano, Justin TenEyck, and the rest of the people at College Track. It was my first time visiting a college and the experience was unforgettable. Besides the amazing view at Boulder, the atmosphere there gave me a sense of freedom and joy.

This is a full view of the campus at CU Boulder. There are about 32,775 students attending the university. (Provided by University of Colorado)

Beginning of Tour:

Walking through the campus, the first location on the tour was the Cultural Unity and Engagement Center where I was given information about college and the majors that Boulder has to offer to students.

The next part of the tour was visiting the Norlin Library. One of the first thoughts that came to mind when viewing was how gigantic this library was. As we entered the library, there were many students that were studying, using their laptops, or just reading. Inside the Norlin Library, there wasn’t just a wide assortment of books, but also a coffee shop, The Laughing Goat.

After visiting the Norlin library, CU Boulder’s Recreation Center was up next on our tour. At the Recreation Center, there are many activities students can participate in such as rock climbing, playing basketball, ice skating, and others great activities. A key feature of the recreation center is the buffalo shaped pool that includes a built-in Jacuzzi.  

Former Rangeview Student Steven Thai enjoys lunch at one of CU Boulder’s cafeteria before he heads to class. Students have many options in the cafeteria at CU Boulder. (Bao Nguyen)

Midway through the tour, we walked to an iconic location that is known as Farrand Field where anyone can hang out.In the cafeteria, there was a wide variety of foods such as some Asian cuisine, a salad bar, and a grill with a variety of meats. I decided to go for some Hawaiian fried rice, egg rolls, and roasted pork.

During lunch, I was able to meet up with former Rangeview student, Steven Thai. There, I started talking to him about college.

Thai said, “Honestly, college is such an enormous chapter in your life that you should live it up. Even though that is true, college is just stressful, but at the same time, it’ll be the best time of your life.”

Besides talking about the joys college experience, Thai also talked about the difficulties of college.

A group of College Track students and staff walk back from their trip to Boulder. There have been other organizations in the school that have hosted college visits as well. (Bao Nguyen)

Thai said, ”The most difficult part about college is getting use to being away from home and getting use to the work load.”

During the end of the tour, the group was given more information about college and how it’s not just important to get accepted into one. It is about being mentally healthy and adapting to the new challenges that many face when entering college as college is where we develop into who we will become for the rest of our lives.

On the car ride back from Boulder, I thought about the experience there and having a taste of what it would be like to be in college. The trip gave me a realistic view of college with the challenges and accomplishments that we’ll all go experience. From this, the wait for college is coming to an end for seniors this year, with a new journey beginning next year.