Responding to the snack crisis.


Aron Shells buys snacks from a vending machine in the commons (Taken by Jonathan Headley)

Abraham Torres, Columnist

About one third of the children are overweight or even obese in the nation, leading Michelle Obama to create a new initiative named “Let’s Move!” This Initiative affects what schools are able to sell in their vending machines and for lunch.

Unfortunately, I hate how the Pop Tart packaging has changed. The vending machines used to sell two Pop Tarts for one dollar which was amazing if you were starving and needed something to eat that was inexpensive.

The sales have changed to one lousy Pop Tart for the same dollar. This is a rip off and now there is pretty much nothing good to eat that is cheap anymore.

Rangeview offers food that is fairly decent to eat. Fabian Ramirez, a freshman has free lunch says, “The food is sometimes good and sometimes it’s bad.”

Of course sometimes the food can be decent to eat from time to time and of course it really is worth the money.

“No, you pay for food that’s not even good nor is it healthy.” Brooke Straley, a junior does not like the lunch items sold here at Rangeview at all, “It’s literally counter-intuitive.”

One of the most hated items that is sold at lunch is the spaghetti. The spaghetti is undercooked but tastes like water, and the sauce doesn’t even give it flavor.

Another thing to point out is how the vending machines have changed because of the First Lady “Let’s Move!” campaign. This changed all the chips we loved into baked chips.

What really changed is how much more expensive the pop tarts became for a lesser amount of product. “No one buys them anymore, because they’re always there.” said Fabian.

No one likes how the sales have changed because the pop tarts were pretty much the best thing the school sold.

“I think it’s ridiculous. I feel like since we come to school, we should get two pop tarts,” said Brooke.

As students we spend about a third of our Monday through friday at school, I think we should at least have a two pack of poptarts for a snack considering how little we get of other good food.