A day in the life of a league ambassador


Dominique Harlan, Review Staff

Feature Photo By: Vanessa Guereca– RHS Varsity Cheer chants at the crowd during their performance. Varsity placed first last night on November 10th.

On Thursday, November 10th, Rangeview High School had the honor of hosting the annual EMAC Spirit League Championship.

  • 4:00pm: Team check in began- the competitors ranged from Adams City High School to Vista Peak. The divisions were split into poms and cheer, then separated by level (varsity or JV), followed by the gender of the team members (all girls team, AG, or COED). Determination was evident as the teams entered with high hopes and their coaches tailing behind.
  • 4:30pm: The spectator entrance opened as supportive family members with smiles plastered on their faces began to take their seats, a few running out for snacks and beverages. Judges entered as well and were guided to their designated areas by junior Tia Sanders.
  • 4:55pm: All teams were checked in. Aurora Central High School was not yet present at this time; however, they later arrived.
  • 5:00pm: The cheer coaches met in the lecture hall next to the auditorium, while the dance coaches held a short meeting elsewhere.  
  • 5:07pm: All attending cheer and poms joined together to yell chants like, “shake your booty!”, “do it!”, and “little sally walker” in the auditorium while waiting to report to warm up.
  • 5:10pm: Brighton High School’s JV Poms team reported for their warm-up; later to be followed by stretching, tumbling, and, lastly, their intended warm up. Schools such as Prairie View, Westminster, Gateway, and Northglenn followed this agenda as well at different scheduled times.
  • 5:32pm: This reporter led Northglenn around with student ambassador Hana Fentahun. “I’m pretty excited. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the performances,” stated Fentahun.
  • 5:54pm: Northglenn, Rangeview, Adams City, Westminster, and Gateway performed in the listed order. Some spots remained open in between performances.
  • 6:50pm: This reporter led Hinkley High School to the warm up and final performance. The members of this team expressed that they were nervous about their upcoming performance on multiple occasions; their emotion was apparent through their actions and facial expressions. Upon entering, this reporter ambassador sat amongst the crowd watching the remaining teams compete.
  • 7:30: The polynesian club performed.
  • 7:50: All of the competing cheer and poms teams joined in the middle of the large gym floor as the stunt mats were taken away and the floor was swept.
RHS Varsity poms performs, facing away from a crowd of spectators towards another with smiles on their faces. Varsity poms plcaed second last night on Thursday, November 10th. (Vanessa Guereca)
  • 7:59: Several songs – including, the Wobble, Juju on that Beat, and We Get Turnt Up – were played while the crowd waited to hear the awards. Crowd members joined in on the fun along with this reporter, dancing together as poms and cheer showed off some flexibility skills.
  • 8:23: Finally, after all performances concluded, awards were announced.

The awards were as follows:

  1. RHS varsity cheer, first
  2. RHS JV cheer, first
  3. RHS varsity poms, second
  4. RHS JV poms, first.