Toli Geshow: Before I Leave, Here’s the Tolster You Didn’t Know


Toli Geshow poses for a professional photo while at College Track. Geshow has been a contributor for the Raider Review for three years starting off with hosting After the Bell, but was officially inducted into the Review during his junior year. Geshow started off as a sports reporter and gained the titles of News Editor, Weekly Wrap Host, and Weekly Wrap Producer his senior year. (Irl Paulalengan)

Toli Geshow, News Editor

If you don’t know who I am by now, where have you been this school year? Has Tolster not grabbed your attention whatsoever?

All jokes aside, many people know my face but not about how I positioned myself to be the face in front of the camera weekly.

During my freshman year, the Weekly Wrap became my dream after seeing Jorion Marshall, better known as Jay Fresh, take it to great heights. I was very shy and uncomfortable with the attention that came from the wrap but I knew I had to work from the ground up if I wanted to get anywhere. 

From there on, I started with Intro to Sports Broadcasting class my sophomore year in which I met my mentor, Mr. Zebulon Carabello. He instilled confidence that I can do great things with the journalism program from the very start and that was all I needed to pursue my goal. 

From filming After the Bell my sophomore year, writing/recording for Roman Edwards (aka Varsity) my junior year, and producing/recording/hosting my senior year, I was able to leave a small impact. It’s crazy how Mr. Carabello to this day gives me useful life advice and not fashion advice (sorry I had to do it to you). 

Toli Geshow laughs as he looks across Liberty Island during his visit to New York last year. Geshow loved the experience out there and hopes to visit the “city that never sleeps” once again in the near future. (Irl Paulalengan)

Other than the wrap, I want my peers to see that I am a driven individual because I want to inspire others to seek success no matter the circumstances. Over the last two years, I have pushed myself quite over the limit, with some saying I aim to be too perfect at times. 

Many do not know my involvement around the school as Senior Class Treasurer, UNICEF President, Founder of Rangeview’s Brothers United, Social Justice Club President, active member of Interact Club, and a National Honor Society inductee.

As crazy as it may seem, I never participated around the school for colleges to notice me because what fun would it be to force myself to do good for myself and my community? I highly encourage everyone to find something at Rangeview they love whether it’s basketball or speech and debate. You will be well-prepared after high school — trust me. 

With that said, it is important for me to acknowledge how crazy things have transpired over the last two months. I never wanted to leave high school this way, however, this reality we are experiencing happens for a reason and I think we all must adapt with our circumstances.

From right to left – Toli Geshow poses alongside Isaiah Jamison and Jayden Foster before the conclusion of the 2017-18 school year. Geshow has a love for his friends as they give him comfort and joy daily. (Toli Geshow)

My journey wouldn’t be possible without the guidance and support of my adult figures:

  • Mrs. Wetzel, Mrs. Gasior, Mr. Carabello, Mrs. Gebhardt, Mr. Melendez, Mr. Eck, Mr. Sladek, Mr. Brian Anderson, Dean Anderson, Mrs. Anderson-Dyben, Mr. Mequi, Mrs. Pratarelli, Mr. Sobes, Mr. Petry, Mrs. Walsh, Ms. Wells, Mrs. Witulski, Mrs. Taylor, and so many more I can’t even list them all.

As I plan to move out to the east coast and attend Howard University, I want everyone who reads this to use my story as motivation. 

Take risks while you are at Rangeview because you have a support system that wants you to do your best. 

I have one more thing to leave everyone with but only my senior classmates understand this. “Flicky, flicky” (hand-motion) and have a splendid summer everyone.